Read one story in this anthology: Wild Honey by Sarah Hegger

12 Nights of Christmas Anthology - Alice Gaines, Tawdra Kandle, Kate Allenton, Kim Golden, Gemma Brocato, Carrie Elks, Cd Brennan, MK Schiller, Rebecca Hunter., Sarah Hegger, Stacy Finz, Kristi Rose

This is one of the stories in 12 Nights of Christmas. I loved how Honey and Oliver had strong opinions about each other, but one afternoon stuck in an elevator showed that there was more to the other. Honey's more free upbringing made her sweet and honest, though she had her secrets. Her spirit made her a wonderful heroine. Oliver's different upbringing made him judge without knowing. His willingness to open up and to listen to Honey took my heart. I enjoyed this story a lot and look forward to reading the entire anthology.

I received an ARC of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.