Enjoyable historical western romance, second in series

Lydia's Gunslinger - Julie Lence

This is part of a series but a standalone. This is Lydia's story. She arrives in Revolving Point with orphans in tow to move into the orphanage that is being completed for her. She runs into Roth as she steps out of the carriage, and her opinion of him is low. With dangers all around and more coming into town, Roth keeps an eye on Lydia. Feelings evolve but misunderstandings abound as these two find their way to happiness. Roth's almost instant feeling of responsibility for Lydia and her four charges marked him as a good man despite his past. I loved how Lydia always looked at the orphans as her own children and would do what she needed to do for their sakes.

I received a copy of this as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.