Hot paranormal in more ways than one!

Paramour for the Devil (Hawthorne Witches Book 1) - Savannah Hill

I really did enjoy this story. The idea of one of Satan's sons helping to rid the world of evil and falling in love with a good witch was interesting. There was plenty of action and lots of hot sex to keep my attention. A couple of times about three quarters of the way through the book, I felt the sex actually took away from the action and story. Haley could have been in more danger considering her captor that she escaped. Some of the action was downplayed once it was over. But the chemistry between Haley and Damian was hot, bringing such emotional opposites together. A brooding male, not very trusting of witches, and a good witch who, despite torture, retained a good heart and innocence. I would love to read more of Savannah Hill.
I did receive this book for an honest review and do recommend it to those with a love for hot paranormal romance with a dash of suspense.