A great haunting romance!

Ghost of a Promise (Entangled Covet) (Phantoms Trilogy) - Kelly Moran

I was gifted the book and I am leaving an honest review. I love ghost stories and I love romance, and this was a fantastic mix! Ava was so determined to have her dream of a B&B that she was prepared to live alone. Following the wishes of her aunt's will so that all would come through showed how strong she was, even if the method was a bit unconventional. Enter the Phantoms team led by Jackson. He was such a lovable man, willing to listen to the advice of others and work with others. It was instant attraction for Ava and Jackson but there were a lot of obstacles that they needed to overcome. They each seemed to get the other even though they fought the feelings. The journey through the hauntings, mystery, and love was one worth taking. I loved it!