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With This Heart
by Red L. Jameson




GENRE: Paranormal romance (more specifically military/fantasy romance)






Talk about a killer kiss…


Being a former soldier with PTSD takes its toll on Aaron and has wiped him clean of optimism along with having dreams. But he’s no longer sure if he’s living in reality or fantasy after he tries to save a friend and finds his world filled with women who have wings and…Valkyries.


Adala kills. Not on purpose. She’s a Valkyrie—from just one touch, she takes warriors to the afterlife. Oh, but she’d give anything for a break, for normalcy, to have one day of not wearing her legionnaire uniform. When she’s asked to talk to the human Aaron to help him understand just what he’s in for when he tripped into her world, she jumps at the chance, even though she knows Aaron more than she cares to admit, even though she has an insane crush on him, even though she can’t touch him at all. But she gets to wear jeans and talk to a man—a real-life, hero of a man.


From her adorable made-up swearwords to when she wears his clothes, from the fact that she’s hundreds of years old to her pet Pegasus, Aaron falls hard for the shy Valkyrie. Dare he risk his life for a kiss? He’s thinking about it, because already he’s given her his heart.


With This Heart is a standalone story, that’s part of the With These Wings Series—books that mix rock-hard military men with feathered-fantasy femme fatales for a sizzling hot adventure to find love. Join Chanticleer winner, Red L. Jameson, for more of this heart-tugging fairy tale series.







He shook his head, his ocean-blue gaze slowly snagging away from her legs again. “I want to dance with you.”


Billie Holiday came on, all sugary and soulful—honey for the ears. Not exactly period, but perfect nonetheless.


She silently chuckled, looking down at his shiny black shoes. “That’d be nice.”


He stepped forward.


She screeched and jumped back onto the stairs. “Aaron!”


He held a hand out, glanced at it, and winced. “Just trust me.”




“We can dance.”


“No, we can’t.”


“Give me a try.”


“You know I can’t touch you.”


“Who said anything about touching?”


She blinked, her lids fluttering in confusion.


He smiled reassuringly. “Just stand right here,” he said, indicating that she was to stand close, but as she stood, she wouldn’t get that near him. He kept smiling though. “Listen to the music.”


She tilted her head and couldn’t help but smile as she watched him sway side to side. Very slowly at first, and hardly noticeably, but there he was, dancing in the kitchen. So she joined him, swaying side to side, grinning, and trying not to feel her heart pound in her chest the way it did. It never thumped like this—full of ache, full of wanting something she knew she couldn’t have. Oh, how she wanted to hold his hand and place her other hand on his shoulder like a normal woman would do. She’d never been envious of human women, but she was then.




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Red L. Jameson lives in the wilds of Montana. While working on a military history master’s degree, she doodled a story that became her bestselling, award-winning romance, Enemy of Mine, part of the Glimpse Time Travel Series. After earning her gigantic master’s—the diploma is just huge, she couldn’t stop doodling stories, more Glimpse stories—because she can’t get enough of hunky Highlanders and buttoned-down Brits—and other stories, a paranormal romance series and contemporary series, which grew into the pen name R. L. Jameson, under which she writes cerebral and spicy erotic romance. She’s currently working on another master’s degree, so who knows what she’ll doodle next!


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