spicy but captivating

Outrageous Ladies: A Risqué Regency Romance - Sahara Kelly

This book contains two stories. First up are Charlie and Jordan. Her secrets could send him away from her. Her present life should keep them apart. Jordan only sees a woman that he must have. Her strength of will and controlled exterior make it harder than he thought. Once the walls are broken down, their love for each other transcends the rules.

The second couple are Elizabeth and Spence. They meet up and share a night of passion during Charlie and Jordan's story. This one is shorter but no less captivating. The war keeps them apart for six months. Elizabeth is afraid of her feelings and settles for a man of her family's choice. Spence pulls out all the stops to keep this from happening and gets her to realize her true feelings. I loved both couples and really enjoyed their stories.

I received a copy through Candid Book Review, and this is my unsolicited review.