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Mastering the Marchioness: A BDSM Historical Romance - Em Brown

Harrietta has an understanding with her new husband. Neither will interfere with the other's activities. In looking for something different, she ends up at the Cavern to experience the darker side of sensual pleasure. What she did not know was her husband hid behind a mask and was going to convince her of the error of her choices. They learn more about themselves as they play out their game and begin to spend more time together in public. There is an HEA as well as BDSM play and hot steamy encounters. Harrietta was such an innocent in more ways than one, and I enjoyed her learning about the nature of people. Vale was jaded and searching for something to keep his attention. It took me a bit to warm to him but I loved his acceptance of his feelings for Harrietta.

I received a copy of this story, and this is my unsolicited review.