Complete series, 5 books, quick reads.

120 Proof Honey - Becca Fanning

This book includes the 5 books to the series. I enjoyed all five, although I liked Beck's story best, followed by Slade's. Daxton, Knox, Amir, Beck, and Slade are the members of a bear shifter clan. They are all loyal, hot, caring men who meet that "one" and fall quickly in love. The stories have some heat but the tales are the focus. Daxton is charming yet rough, and finds Blair who is a determined woman. Knox is straightforward and very protective especially when he meets Jasmine who is trying to find herself after her divorce from her abusive husband. Kora is a reporter digging for dirt and meets Amir who shows her around but keeps her guessing. Beck is sweet, protective, and frightened of kids, so his feelings for Harmony and her son help him realize they are not so bad. Slade is the alpha of the clan and is surprised when he falls for Veronica, the alpha of their rival clan. All the stories have a thread throughout regarding the competition with the rival clan.

I received this book as a gift, and I am voluntarily reviewing it.