Delight, Texas - Regina Carlysle

I enjoyed this collection of hot stories. The three Dobbs brothers each have a chance to find their happiness. In Return to Delight, Cooper and Harley reconnect when Harley comes back to town to sell her family home. Cooper tries to get Harley to see she can work from anywhere and that she belonged in Delight and with him. In Return of the Daredevil, the baby of the three comes home after leaving to become a stunt man. Melanie was hurt when he left town while she was in college, ending their relationship. He admits to his mistake and works at winning her back. In Return to Ransom, the eldest Dobbs is still affected by his wife's death when Lynn comes back to town for the school reunion. Lynn had been hurt in high school and left town when she could. Ransom noticed the woman she had become and realized he needs to heal. All three stories have intense feelings and heat between the hero and heroine, and I loved the characters. I recommend this book (or the individual stories).