a good sweet read

Mail Order Bride: Ramona (Orphan Brides Go West Book 2) - Vivi Holt

This is a quick sweet read. Ramona's life has been a tough one but she keeps reaching for her dreams until her mother leaves her alone with nothing. Now she has no family and her dreams seem further out of reach. Hope remains in her plans to find her mother and bring her back home. Ramona signs on as a mail-order bride in order to go to Austin where her mother headed. There she meets Michael. He has worked hard most of his life and has built a good life for himself. Good job, new house. Now he just needs to finish his dreams with a wife. He is the kindest man, even once he finds out that Ramona does not really want to marry him. They both followed their faith that things will turn out, even if it is not the way they planned. In the end they find their happiness together. I look forward to reading more from Vivi Holt.