Angels in Seashore Cove (Love and Laugh in Seashore Cove) (Volume 2) - Maggie Van Well

I did not know what to expect when I began this story. I found love, regret, friendship, misguided good intentions with a touch of heavenly assistance. This story is about two couples who have been friends for ever and cannot recognize their true feelings. Angie and Jake wait until it is too late to admit their love for each other. Their heavenly guardians give them a chance to find that love they always had. They do this while trying to help Dianna and Sean find it before it is too late. The ups and downs of both relationships was a definite roller coaster for my own emotions. This story touched me deeply as I became invested in the characters. I laughed, cried, and hoped everything would work out as the story progressed. I highly recommend this story.

I had a chance to read this story in exchange for an honest review.