A hockey series to follow

Power Play: A Pilots Hockey Novel - Sophia Henry

This is the second in a series. The stories stand alone. Gabriella is a young woman trying to survive the horrors of her past and prove to her father that she is worthy of running the family business. She battles her self image issues until the boy she knew all her life begins to pay attention to her. Landon is a local boy who plays on the AHL hockey team in town. He had kept his feelings for Gaby hidden until the opportunity to presented itself. Together, they learned to be more comfortable in their own lives and understood themselves. Landon cared about Gaby's feelings about most things, listened to her woes, and never once condemned her for what she felt were her bad choices in her past. I loved how they grew in this story into more self-assured adults.

I had a chance to read this through Netgalley.