Sutherland's Secret: A Highland Pride Novel - Sharon Cullen

This story has a lot of grit to it. Not everything is sunshine and roses. Eleanor's early life is all roses, but she learns the harshness of reality and loses her naivete. Despite all that, she trusts her instincts when she recovers under the care of Brice and his clan. Brice is a wonderful hero. He is hurt by all that his kinsmen are going through and does what he can to help, including picking up a dying woman and staying with her so that she will not die alone. I loved the 'new' Eleanor with her drive to help others, her promise to avenge her husband, and acceptance of the rougher life in the Highlands. Brice is so compassionate yet realistic about his situation, and his loyalty knows no bounds. I highly recommend this story.

I had a chance to read this book through Netgalley for an honest review.