Highland Heat: A Highland Knights Novel - Jennifer Haymore

Such a strong connection in such a horrible situation. Grace and Duncan are drawn together on the field of the Battle of Waterloo. Grace is a self-imposed spinster who has escorted her sister to visit her husband, Major Campbell. Grace accidentally finds and helps Duncan get to a doctor. They fall for each other and take their time coming to the realization that they belong together. Their future could be dictated by their difference in status, the dangerous job Duncan has, and the loyalty Grace feels for her father and family. Problems arise, and their love pulls them through. This is the second in a series with more to come. I look forward to the next one by Jennifer Haymore. Her writing is well paced, and I enjoyed the characters and hope to see each and every one find their HEA.


I had a chance to read this through Netgalley for an honest review.