Sweet HEA!

Courtships and Carriages (Great Plains Series Book 1) - Janet Syas Nitsick

This was a sweet romance with some political shenanigans. Gwen is a sweet girl who has lived a life of some comfort and has the strength follow her heart. She has two men who want to marry her. Russ, a friend of the family for years, is a farmer and is her "safe" choice, although the work is something that she is not used to. Nolan, son of the mayor, makes her heart flutter but their families hate each other. While the courtships are going on, the mayor is trying to cover up the election fixing. The story popped between people, following Gwen's conflicting emotions, Nolan's confusion, Russ's desires and home life, as well as trying to prove the mayor fixed the election. There was an HEA for Gwen and resolution of the political fiasco.