Great hot western read.

Hot Western Nights: A sizzling collection of first-in-series books - Lexi Post, Desiree Holt, Ciana Stone, Amanda McIntyre, Jory Strong

I was given this collection in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed all these stories. I look forward to continuing the series of all the books. If you have not already read these books, I highly recommend this collection.

Cowboys Never Fold (5 Stars) This was definitely a hot story. Wade took a job for money and found love. Kendra was building her dream resort and someone was trying to stop her. Along the way to finding the culprit, they learned how to express their feelings for each other.

Spirit Flight (4 stars) This was a short story but it was very intense. Marisa never questioned her connection to Ukiah. I loved the Native American legends and beliefs behind this story. Sometimes a quick HEA is needed.

Staking a Claim (4 stars) The magic and abilities of all the characters added a fun and interesting twist. Mikayla is very much a realistic woman and even sees through Jed's jealousy and anger because of her love for him.

Tempted (5 stars) This was a hot whirlwind romance. Cruz is one sexy single-minded male who knows what he wants, Shea. Shea is willing to take a chance which pays off in an HEA. This story kept me up until the wee hours.

Rugged Hearts (5 stars) The intensity of feelings in this story had me laughing, crying, and holding my breath. I loved the strength of Aimee, following the path set by her sister, so that she could find the positive side of life. She takes life in stride. Wyatt has put up walls around his heart and his life because of his experiences. Watching the love grow swiftly as both realize a future together is what they need made this story come together wonderfully.