Delayed Penalty: A Pilots Hockey Novel - Sophia Henry

I had a chance to read this before its release in exchange for an honest review. This was an interesting story. It is told entirely in the heroine's POV. Here is a young college student, Auden, struggling with the loss of her mother (17 years earlier), losing her scholarship, and doing well in school. Her grandparents are her guardians and try to protect her. Auden's feelings of abandonment and loss keep her from giving herself to anyone. Then she meets Aleksandr and is expected to work with him. He has also had great loss in his life, more recently than hers. Immediately, Aleksandr wants Auden and pursues her. Together they learn to open up about their feelings and learn how to love each other and those in their lives. They do undergo a separation due his hockey. They know it is temporary but were not ready for how hard it would actually be. Little hurts are overlooked as they realize they were meant to be together.