A cursed Duke and a spinster find out about love.

What to Do with a Duke - Sally MacKenzie

I had the opportunity to read this book before its release for an honest review. This was a fun story. Women were fighting over who would be the spinster to live in Spinster House. Cat wanted her freedom and to get out of the house she shared with her parents and seven siblings. She never understood why her two older sisters would give themselves to one man. Until Marcus, the Cursed Duke, comes to town to select the spinster to move into the Spinster House. The pull toward each other is strong but so is his fear of death and her fear of being chained to a man and not be able to write her novels. They go their separate ways after a moment of shared pleasure only to realize that they did not want to be apart. There is a HEA but the story continues into the next book that follows a friend of the Duke and another would-be spinster. I am looking forward to reading the next story.