A great second-chance love story

A Foolish Consistency - Andrea Weir

I received a copy from the author, for which I saw thank you. For me, this was a powerful second-chance story. There are elements that mirror my own life one way or another. The positive attitude of Will that everything would work out no matter what endeared him to me. His life had not been an easy one and he was willing to own up to his mistakes. His love for his children was strong and he wanted them to remember their mother and stay connected. As for Callie, she had the strength to live on her own after dealing with her cheating ex-husband and to finally accept the positive outlook of Will. I enjoyed the relationship between her and her grown children. This is a second-chance story of an older couple, showing that true love can find us at any time. It shows the struggles of bringing baggage and children into a relationship. During this story, I laughed, I cried, I fretted, and I sighed. Thank you for an enjoyable journey.