Great read! Five stars.

A Highland Knight's Desire (Highland Dynasty) (Volume 2) - Amy Jarecki

I enjoyed this story. I liked the idea of a heroine with a physical imperfection. It kept her from being completely comfortable with herself and gave her a dim outlook on her future. Despite all, she was a strong woman and tried to do what she thought was right for her future. The changes brought to her life because of her kidnapping and subsequent escapades. Meg came to realize that she desired more, and that more was Duncan. It surprised her that there were people would who accept and love her no matter what, physical and otherwise. Duncan was such an endearing hero, especially for his willingness to overlook Meg's "deformity". He looked beyond the physical and fell in love with her inner strength and beauty. She became his light when he needed strength to stay alive. I found the secondary characters interesting as well and I look forward to reading the next book.