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Will miss this very enjoyable series

Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold (The Dragonlords of Xandakar Book 5) - Macy  Babineaux

This is the end of the Dragonlords. Or is it? Evil is winning and hope is lost. But there may be a way. I have enjoyed this series from the beginning and had to wait until now to see how it ends. Hope comes in a wolf form along with a man who does not know of his heritage. Fiora and Austin make an interesting pairing because of their differences, but together they are strong. It just takes them a while to get there. I recommend this story and series.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

Danger and love make a must read

Body Shot: An International Clandestine Enterprise Novel (ICE Book 2) - Amy Jarecki

Heart racing, breath holding, fingers crossed! I was pulled into the danger and electric journey for Henri and Mike immediately. Her determination and honesty made her such a strong and compatible heroine for Mike who was just as determined and used to working more alone. Their attraction is instant but the job came first. By the end, I was crying at the caring between these two and the steps they took to accept each other's pasts and presents. I highly recommend this book and the series. I look forward to the next one.

I received an ARC copy of this book, and this is my unsolicited review.

Such trust between these characters pulled me in

How a Scot Surrenders to a Lady (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts Book 5) - Julie Johnstone

The struggles of Sorcha due to her amnesia and situation kept me turning the pages. Would love overrule her past? Would she stay true to her word? Cameron was such a wonderful man, perfect for Sorcha. At times, I was teary at the distress both felt in each of their minds. The final sweetness of Cameron actually had tears on my cheeks. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I highly recommend the read.

I received a copy of the ARC as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

Dark period in time but enjoyable tale

Conquests: Hearts Rule Kingdoms - Emily   Murdoch

This was hard to stop listening to at times. The characters of Avis and Melville and their stories, struggles, etc., pulled me in, and I wanted everything to work out. There were times when I had tears and times when I smiled. The history of this time period is one of my favorites, and I enjoyed the bits of history thrown in. I recommend this story and look forward to more.

I received a copy of this audiobook as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

My Fair Lover
My Fair Lover

On sale today, My Fair Lover by Nicole Jordan. Check it out!

Great start to a new historical series

Highland Spy: Mercenary Maidens - Book One (The Mercenary Maidens Series) - Madeline Martin

I loved this story! The idea of female spies intrigued me. Ariana is a strong woman who has seen better days. She accepts Connor's offer to train and this leads to mistrust, learning, and love. It was a fun read, and I look forward to the next in the series.

I purchased this book, and this is my unsolicited review.

Quick read, retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

Lady and the Wolf: (Red Riding Hood) (Tangled Tales Series Book 1) - Elizabeth Rose

A quick story, variation on Little Red Riding Hood. Winifred and Hugh do not realize how much their lives are entangled. Her strength and curiosity made Winifred an enjoyable character. Hugh is a rougher character, but his love for his family redeemed him. This is a fun story.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

Quick read, love from hate

Held by a Highlander - Fiona McKellar

This was a quick read. Georgina is a generous and trusting woman, although she has a sneaky side. Alasdair is a hardened warrior with revenge as his focus. Together, they help each other see the world in a different light and come to find love amongst a lot of hate. I enjoyed the back and forth between Georgina and Alasdair, and their tale of trust and love.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

Quick listen or read, part of a trilogy.

Alpha Wolf's Pet, Hidden - Eva Gordon

This story kept me listening. It is part of a trilogy so does not actually end, but it has a satisfying ending "for now". Mia has lost so much but she has not completely given up which I really liked. Dominic is a strong alpha trying to balance his wants and his musts. He is protective of Mia from the start and I enjoyed the story as they grew closer. I look forward to the rest of this trilogy.

This audiobook was given to me as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

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Whipped: Dane Coulter is determined to avoid love at all costs…until he meets a woman he can’t resist. It’s a damn shame she is the one woman he can never have. A scorching contemporary romance.

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Dark Fancy: Running away from an unwanted marriage, Helena unwittingly runs directly into the arms of the most dangerous man in Regency England. And he refuses to let her go. A scorching Regency romance.


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Adam’s Obsession:  When Adam Trillo discovers his buttoned-up co-worker is actually Wildcat, his kinky online lover, he is determined to seduce her in real life, even though it’s strictly against the rules. Book One of the scorching Wired Series!

Pushing Her Buttons: Tangling with a blazingly handsome stranger in an elevator leads to a dark passion Samantha cannot resist.  Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Her Royal Comeuppance: Furious at the betrayal of her once-loyal woodsman, Queen Cressida intends to make him pay. But Nicholas turns the tables, determined to thaw his Ice Queen with the heat of a passion she cannot resist.

Training Tess: When hardcore Dom Jared Mittlebank discovers sweet Tess’ curiosity about his, ahem, lifestyle, he cannot resist the opportunity to…instruct her. Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Trickery: Tricked into seducing a yummy mortal, young witch Willow has no idea what is in store for her—magical domination by one of the most powerful wizards in the witching world. And he will use all his powers to win her.

Extreme Couponing: Imagine receiving a coupon book for kinky explorations. Would you be brave enough to redeem them? Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

BONUS CONTENT!  Dark Duke: Edward Weyth is notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle, but everything turns upside down when his cousins come to stay with him. Until he notices his cousin’s mousy companion isn’t mousy in the least. He cannot resist introducing her to his dark desires. From Sabrina’s scorching Noble Passions Series.

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Easy read, love survives through time

Separated from My Love (Linked Across Time) (Volume 7) - Dawn Brower

This is a quick read and part of a series. The characters from other stories do show up and interact, but this story is about Genevieve and Trenton. Through their separation by time, both Genevieve and Trenton realize what is truly important, even through the years they are apart. It kept me turning pages to find out if their love is strong enough to help them make it back together.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

Good read, enjoying this continuing story

Unleash The Darkness: (Eternally Mated Novela) - Valerie Twombly

I loved how the love between Eva and Seph was so strong that they were willing to do what they felt necessary to save the other. This is a story within the Eternally Mated world, and as new complications arise and events unfold, I could not stop reading. This is an extensive world blending good and evil, and is a pleasurable read.

I received a copy of this story through Booksprout, and this is my unsolicited review.

Good read, nice ending to a series.

Blackthorne's Bride - Joan Johnston

The last in the series, this story brought everything to a close. I enjoyed Marcus as we saw his kind-heartedness as he rescued Jose, his devotion to his late wife, even his self-absorption as he did what he could to restore his family home. Josie is a strong woman, surviving everything she went through and willing to accept the truth as it comes to light. There are glimpses of characters from the previous books, and I had tears in my eyes as this story came to an end.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.

Dark suspense-filled story

Going Dark - Kathryn M. Hearst

This was definitely a dark story as Trip began investigating. As she realized what her priorities really were, I kept turning pages to find out if she could stick with the plan. Nate has a heart but it is kept in check because of his job. The two together were hot and cold, as they learned more about each other. The story moves along quickly with each twist making me rethink where it may be going.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

Held me captive until the end

The Last Gamble (Bastards of London, Book 3) - Anabelle Bryant

This story pulled me in immediately. So many secrets to learn, danger to avoid, priorities to rearrange. Luke is a driven man with one goal until Georgina enters his life. Georgina thinks she is doing the right thing by running away and hiding, but Luke makes her look at herself. Her generosity despite her secrets made her one of my favorite heroines. Despite his circumstances, Luke is a caring and generous man, looking to help others. I enjoyed their journey through this dark story, and I look forward to more from Anabelle Bryant.

I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and it is a selection of the Book Obsessed Chicks Review team. This is my unsolicited review.

Quick read

Choosing Bravery (Lonesome Hearts Book 3) - Jacqui Nelson

A quick read. Elodie has a positive outlook on life, and Lachlan fights his demons. Together, they admit to their feelings amid danger and healing of souls. I enjoyed the setting as well as the characters. 

I purchased a copy of this story through Amazon, and this is my unsolicited review.

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